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Humans never stopped evolving. At an unknown date in the early 21st century, people started developing extraordinary skills; at the expense of a staggering decline in birthrates.

Life became our most prized possession. We ended all international conflict. Humanity settled into a comfortable existence on Earth.

Until a meteor — the size of the moon — was discovered tearing directly at us in 2514. Governments scrambled to design weapons powerful enough to destroy it.

Our plan came to a grinding halt once sensors detected the meteor slowing down. Alarms blared worldwide as the meteor came to a stop, outside the orbit of the moon.

It wasn’t a meteor. It was an invasion.

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The death machines in the Hall of Judgement hadn’t been used in a few hundred years.

Image public domain, modified from original.

You stand accused of high treason, piracy, serial kidnapping, and destruction of property in the pentillions of Protectorate Credits. How do you plead?!” The Administrator yelled breathlessly. She’d been at it for hours.

Blue scratched at his face. Facial tentacles come in handy when your limbs are handcuffed to the floor. Especially long, handsome ones like his.

Booing came from the crowded assembly and the Administrator shocked him with her plasma staff — tearing a hole into his side that quickly healed over.

Blue glared into the automaton’s eyes. She recoiled, floating back a few units.

He huffed in amusement…

He didn’t have to tell me. His look said it all.

Pic: Gerd Altmann

“We really don’t have that kind of sway on campus.

Since you study psychology, I don’t think I have to tell you what would need to happen… for the counselling office to be able to intervene in other departments.” He stared into my eyes.

He didn’t need to say more, his expression said it all. I knew what he meant and it was more horrible than I could have expected.

I had been suicidal for months, maybe years. It was a dark time. I’d burnt myself out on school years before but was still brainwashed to think that a diploma…

Part 1: Reinstated

Pic by Emre Akyol

Bonnie floated into her favorite Asian restaurant after a long day teaching residents to play gravi-ball. The place was packed, but a few heads turned in greeting. She was well known in the City of Dreams, where anything was possible if you believed.

She led daily meditation and magic seminars for new residents. Greenhorns had a lot to learn, coming from the outside, and they cherished her guidance. Chances of survival in the world outside the walls had been bleak since nuclear war covered the Earth in smoke and dust.

She levitated over the crowd in her usual lazy position…

They showed us they don’t want us to think. That means they’re scared.

Pic: Mike Braun

If you’ve heard the hullabaloo surrounding Reddit and Gamestop, you’ll know that a group of private citizens on Reddit got together to try their hand at coordinated stock buying. This is typically called a hedge fund.

The scandal started once they ruined a “real” hedge fund’s plan for the stock.

See, Melvin Capital had decided that Gamestop and AMC were only worth shorting. They had set up billions of dollars in planned transactions betting that the price of the stock would go down.

When this Reddit group caught wind of this trade and started buying stocks, the price rose, losing…

Okay… maybe not foolish, but you’ll see what I mean in a second.

Pic: snappygoat.com

Hi Elon

2017. That year, 20% of emergency patient deaths were caused by traffic jams in Thailand. Regrettably — or should I say worryingly? — there are no statistics for these deaths in the USA.

What I did find was some information on marathons correlating to higher mortalities in American emergency patients, merely due to road closure.

Many other countries have worse traffic and longer ambulance response times. In the most advanced areas, an ambulance will be there in 4 minutes. In others, it can take up to 26 minutes (In the countries assessed).

If he votes yes, we have a chance. If he votes no… we all die.

Image public domain, courtesy of comicbookplus.com, modified from original.

Commander Richard Straüss flung the last of his cigarette over the cliff-side. There were a few minutes before he had to vote. He scratched his scruffy beard and groaned.

The proposition was insane. These aliens expected the Board to agree?

When General Autumn raised her hand in favour, Straüss excused himself for some air… and nicotine. He was the tie-breaking vote.

A lighter clicked behind him.

General Autumn blew a puff of smoke in his direction. It wasn’t tobacco. She walked to the railing of the balcony — camouflaged into the White Sands mountains — and chuckled.




According to Megyn Kelly, talking about the problem… is the problem?

What’s happening in this country is a distortion of facts. Gross manipulation of the concept of victimization. We can’t agree on who to point the finger at, but for some reason, everyone agrees that we have to point at someone.

But seriously, the audacity of anyone who would say that negative press coverage caused these riots is unthinkable. These riots were instigated by people who want to create instability to get what they want.

Whoever they may be, they don’t understand that if we seek more stability, we can all get what we want.

Now more than ever, American society…

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