The death machines in the Hall of Judgement hadn’t been used in a few hundred years.

Image public domain, modified from original.

He didn’t have to tell me. His look said it all.

Pic: Gerd Altmann

“We really don’t have that kind of sway on campus.

Since you study psychology, I don’t think I have to tell you what would need to happen… for the counselling office to be able to intervene in other departments.” He stared into my eyes.

Part 1: Reinstated

Pic by Emre Akyol

They showed us they don’t want us to think. That means they’re scared.

Pic: Mike Braun

The scandal started once they ruined a “real” hedge fund’s plan for the stock.

Okay… maybe not foolish, but you’ll see what I mean in a second.


Hi Elon

If he votes yes, we have a chance. If he votes no… we all die.

Image public domain, courtesy of, modified from original.

According to Megyn Kelly, talking about the problem… is the problem?

Whoever they may be, they don’t understand that if we seek more stability, we can all get what we want.

A Simple Box of Limitless Stories.

Sci-fi, Spiritual and Supernatural. Flash fiction, short stories, and more! D.L. Schrader

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